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Hawk Ridge Heights

Hawk Ridge Heights is a brand new collection of townhouse, detached homes having 38′ SINGLES and Towns coming soon at Orillia, ON L3V 0Y6. It is in city of Orillia. This upcoming project is currently in pre-construction stage and will be developed by LIV Communities & Bosseini Living coming near to Hawk Ridge Golf Course. Hawk Ridge Heights will have quick access to Orillia Amenities.

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Hawk Ridge Heights

Hawk Ridge Heights

Location: Hurlwood Ln & Burnside Line, Severn, ON L3V 6H4
City: Orillia, Ontario
Region: Simcoe County
Developer: Bosseini Living & LIV Communities
Project Type Detached Homes & Townhomes
Neighborhood: Hawk Ridge Golf Club
Est. Occupancy: 2026
  • Bosseini Living proudly presents a brand-new masterplanned community of towns and single homes situated within the picturesque Hawk Ridge Golf Club.
  • Discover the perfect home buying opportunity located just an hour from Toronto GTA. Nestled in a small, peaceful, beautiful, and scenic town, this gem is an excellent choice for both investors seeking positive cash flow and end users looking for tranquility.
  • Hawk Ridge Heights, an upcoming residential project, is set to redefine luxury living. These exceptionally large, resort-style homes are designed to create an iconic, upscale community. Excitingly, we are planning multiple development phases over the next 2 years.
  • Discover an abundance of lush greenspace, extensive golf course trails perfect for a leisurely stroll, and quick access to the serene shores of Lake Couchiching, all located just a few minutes from the vibrant Orillia community.
  • Don’t miss out on the boundless opportunities that await you in Severn. This rapidly growing city in the North GTA, known for its friendliness and scenic beauty, is your ticket to success over the next 7-15 years.
Hawk Ridge Heights

Top Reasons to Grab Your Slice of Heaven

  • In the realm of accessibility, the seamless passage to Highway 400, Highway 11, and Highway 12 beckons with the promise of simplicity and convenience.
  • This architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to opulence, boasting more than 250 homes within a master-planned, multi-phase community. It’s the place where dreams transcend reality, where luxurious abodes materialize – welcome to the exalted Hawk Ridge Heights in Orillia, a creation of artistic prowess by the esteemed collaboration of Liv Communities & Bosseini Living.
  • An illustrious tapestry of education and recreation unfurls within this vibrant city. Extraordinary schools, esteemed colleges, and athletic havens coexist harmoniously, weaving a colorful tapestry into the very essence of Orillia. Places of worship stand as silent sentinels, while a museum and art gallery exude cultural vibrancy.
  • Gaze upon the horizon, and you’ll find a new residential community burgeoning in the heart of Severn, Orillia, nestled gracefully within the picturesque embrace of Simcoe County in the splendid province of Ontario.
  • Hawk Ridge Heights, where the dreamscape meets the waterscape, is serenely cradled between the enchanting embrace of Lake Couchiching and the enchanting Bass Lake Provincial Park. Here, nature and luxury intertwine, creating a haven of unparalleled serenity.
  • Venture just 60 minutes northward from the bustling heart of Toronto, and you’ll stumble upon the gem known as Severn, Orillia. A realm where time moves at its own tranquil pace, and urban frenzy gives way to bucolic charm.
  • Orillia, the city of intellectual abundance, hosts three distinguished institutions – the Orillia Learning Centre, the illustrious Georgian College, and the prestigious Lakehead University. Education thrives here, nurturing the minds of the future.
  • Severn, Orillia, is not just a place; it’s a mere 30 kilometers, a fleeting 15-minute drive from the bustling hub of Barrie. It serves as the gateway to Ontario’s largest cottage country, an inviting tableau of friendliness, scenic vistas, and stunning beauty. This city nestles with grace, poised between the verdant embrace of Muskoka and the azure allure of Lake Simcoe, its very essence painted in the hues of English elegance.
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Orillia is a versatile haven, attracting a diverse range of families. Located just a 90-minute drive from Toronto, it is an attractive destination for families in pursuit of job opportunities without the high urban living costs and traffic congestion. Furthermore, it allures those who yearn to live in a picturesque, sunny, tree-laden community nestled between the pristine waters of two lakes. Here, they can revel in the simple pleasures of playing and picnicking by the water, crafting cherished memories, and calling this enchanting place their home, all while taking advantage of the growing employment opportunities.

Hawk Ridge Heights is poised to redefine opulent living within Severn. Its objective is the enhancement of the neighborhood through the addition of Freehold Townhomes and 36' Singles. This pre-construction, master-planned project aspires to revolutionize the city of Severn.

Hawk Ridge Heights has been meticulously planned to fully leverage the presence of pre-existing commercial, retail, and institutional establishments. This will facilitate swift access to the various amenities in Orillia. The new development also boasts a considerable amount of indoor amenity spaces.


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A cool new neighborhood with houses and townhouses up to 36 feet wide in the Hawk Ridge Golf Club. A brand-new planned community with townhouses and single homes in Hawk Ridge Golf Club by Bosseini Living.

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